The best 360 camera for VR?

Which one is the best 360 camera – and yet affordable for journalists? That is not easy to tell, if you just see some footage on YouTube. The head of Immersive Media at Facebook, Eric Cheng, published a 360° video comparison of 11 VR cameras he had recorded in multiple sessions on the Facebook campus. You can spot him on most of his footage (marked with the red circle). His selection is including Z CAM S1, Garmin VIRB 360, Insta360 ONE, Xiaomi MiJia Sphere, Samsung Gear 360 (2017) and the older, yet still available 2015 model of the Samsung Gear 360. He also attached some other models, which I will leave out.

So, which is the best 360 camera? I had a closer look at some of the crucial hotspots (marked red in the above picture)  in his material and analysed it further. That photo is a full view in rectangular of the full 360 frame, which you normally see folded in a globe view. Here are my findings on the 360 cameras,…

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