Journalist Heatmap World

Journalist Heatmap for MoJo, 360 and VR

I have started a map of all VR, AR and MoJo journalism pioneers worldwide. Everybody of the community can put him/herself on the map where they live or work. Please be invited to mark your spot.

Ich habe eine Übersichtskarte für innovativen Journalismus gestartet, auf die sich jede/r eintragen kann, mit seiner Heim- oder Arbeits-Adresse. Bitte reserviert Euch Euren Platz.

The link for the journalist heatmap is at the end of the article.The journalist heatmap is a combination of journalists working with MoJo, so mobile journalism and those who are pioneers in 360 or virtual reality journalism. Entries can be on each list (layer) separately.

Journalist Heatmap Europe

For the start, there are plenty of MoJo pioneers, which derive from a move Glen Mulcahy did some years ago. That is also why there are plenty of them in Europe.

Africa and Asia is not much crowded, even though there are certainly several MoJos and also JoVRnalists (a term which was created by the godfather of VR journalism: Robert Hernandez).

Journalist Heatmap Africa + Asia
Journalist Heatmap Africa + Asia

Afterall there are quite some on the list from the South Americas, but few from the north. But the collection just started.

Journalist Heatmap America April 2017
Journalist Heatmap America


This is the link to place your entry!


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